So it begins

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by Coranna Howard in Margins

In reading Rami's Asides and eevee's weekly roundups, I was reminded that I have been very bare with my writing over the past year.

Way back in 2013, I had a vague idea that I'd improve my writing with micro-fiction (e.g., like Ommatidia), but I never forced myself to get into a routine. A lot of my time in writing tends to be spent on revision & nitpicking, so it wouldn't consume a lot of my time to write fiction in that format.

However, I think my personal voice is more lacking than my story voice. I have similar problems with both, but I think the former will be more valuable in the immediate future.

I'll probably do both, eventually, but for now, this short-form space will be used to unpack & process thoughts and opinions. I'm not committing to a specific schedule to avoid waisting time wondering what to write (as I often do with fiction). Instead, I'll use the slow spaces in the day to capture my persistent thoughts and examine them.

I suspect there's going to be a bit of a turmoil over whether to promote a post to another category, but that will just be a helpful signal that the subject might need more time & attention than I'm giving it.

Perhaps in doing this I'll overcome my persistent fear of entering discussions in the games space and voicing my opinions about the goings-on in society and culture.

I rarely voice myself on Twitter due to its absolutely atrocious threading and severely limited communication space. It so often breeds misunderstanding, and it becomes a tangled mess of attrition beyond the most trivial of dialogues.

This is the kind of thing that should be its own post!